Lessons in Leisure…is the Disc of the Week at QBiM

Lessons in Leisure vol. 2 is the Disc of the Week at Quick Before it Melts:


Grayowl Point review of the album

here’s Grayowl Point’s nice review of the album:


new blackpaw society album is here

stream it below!

download on itunes

* thanks to radar and louie for barking noises
** thanks to joe for whistlin’ noises
*** h/t to M.I. for letting me borrow ‘friendbeast’ title

lessons in leisure

Ride the Tempo premieres the new Blackpaw Society song/video

Canadian music blog Ride the Tempo premieres the new Blackpaw Society song/video.

[WATCH] Blackpaw Society – Stupid Evolution on ridethetempo.com

Video: Yeti (GI Joe dance-off!)

Review Roundup

Blackpaw Society on Rex Manning Day Blog’s Top 5 Indie Tracks of the Week:
Rex Manning Day – Top 5 Indie Tracks of the Week

and also on the Magnificent Wrecks:
The Magnificent Wrecks – Heard on the Wire

new blackpaw society album is done. listen here…

here’s the new blackpaw society album. rolling around in dead things to hide the scent. i hope you listen a little bit.

Album Cover

Rolling Around in Dead Things to Hide the Scent

*blushing* this is nice

this guy in the UK wrote this and it made my day:

Now, this band really confuses me. I genuinely, genuinely, cannot fathom why this band aren’t 1000000% bigger than they are; 14 likes on FACEBOOK, this particular song on youtube with only 22 views & being uploaded over a year ago, yet it is one of the most wonderfully crafted songs. It’s in my top 10 played all time in my itunes, & that is saying something considering there are 17044 other songs. There must be something that I am missing?

Pure rock n roll, slighlty haunting & raw. mixes up some tastey bass riffs, heavy guitar solos & a cheeky bit of flute, with an underflow of electronica check out SILVERS Sounds ideal to me, get on it.

here’s his websitehttp://whis-ternefet.tumblr.com/post/35409218617/blackpaw-society-o-the-walk-blackpaw-society.