Rokline Magazine indie spotlight

hey we’re part of rokline magazine’s indie spotlight series and they say nice words:

Listening to Lessons in Leisure vol. 2 from Toronto solo artist Blackpaw Society is nothing short of mindblowing…
…There’s nothing even remotely like this on commercial radio…
…This is the kind of artistic endeavor people need to hear a lot more of

Lessons in Leisure…is the Disc of the Week at QBiM

Lessons in Leisure vol. 2 is the Disc of the Week at Quick Before it Melts:

Grayowl Point review of the album

here’s Grayowl Point’s nice review of the album:

new blackpaw society album is here

stream it below!

download on itunes

* thanks to radar and louie for barking noises
** thanks to joe for whistlin’ noises
*** h/t to M.I. for letting me borrow ‘friendbeast’ title

lessons in leisure

Ride the Tempo premieres the new Blackpaw Society song/video

Canadian music blog Ride the Tempo premieres the new Blackpaw Society song/video.

[WATCH] Blackpaw Society – Stupid Evolution on

Video: Yeti (GI Joe dance-off!)

Review Roundup

Blackpaw Society on Rex Manning Day Blog’s Top 5 Indie Tracks of the Week:
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and also on the Magnificent Wrecks:
The Magnificent Wrecks – Heard on the Wire

new blackpaw society album is done. listen here…

here’s the new blackpaw society album. rolling around in dead things to hide the scent. i hope you listen a little bit.

Album Cover

Rolling Around in Dead Things to Hide the Scent

*blushing* this is nice

this guy in the UK wrote this and it made my day:

Now, this band really confuses me. I genuinely, genuinely, cannot fathom why this band aren’t 1000000% bigger than they are; 14 likes on FACEBOOK, this particular song on youtube with only 22 views & being uploaded over a year ago, yet it is one of the most wonderfully crafted songs. It’s in my top 10 played all time in my itunes, & that is saying something considering there are 17044 other songs. There must be something that I am missing?

Pure rock n roll, slighlty haunting & raw. mixes up some tastey bass riffs, heavy guitar solos & a cheeky bit of flute, with an underflow of electronica check out SILVERS Sounds ideal to me, get on it.

here’s his website