4 Star Review from RideTheTempo (out of 5…not ten…)

Nice review from Ride the Tempo:

The album ‘People Doesn’t Care/1955 ‘…is a highly accomplished work of modern pop – one, in fact, that makes you wonder how so many other artists get it wrong.

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“One of the best albums of the year, perhaps”

I didn’t say it. Grayowl Point did.


Spotlight on People Doesn’t Care / 1955 over @ Rokline Magazine :


DOMINIONATEDdeux >> covers of classic Canadian songs

Contributed a cover of a Northern Pikes song to the Quick Before it Melts compilation DOMINIONATEDdeux:




If your ears are bored on Friday…

…you come listen to This Great White North on KOOP 91.7 Friday Jun 26.

4:30pm Central time, which is like 5:30 normal time?


they also poked me with 5 questions last year….

‘Strange/Fiktionkicks’ track review from Ride the Tempo

Ride the Tempo reviewed the track ‘strange/ficktionkicks’ and they said these words about it:

 ” “Strange/Fiktionkicks” is an oddity in that it simply defies all expectations. It’s dream-pop, of sorts, with a retro-sounding tremolo guitar, but it breaks into a reggae beat on occasion and even meanders into prog folk. It’s a stunner, though, so you don’t care. In fact, you are more than happy to be taken for a dizzy ride.”

~via ride the tempo

New Album is the Disc of the Week at QBiM

The new album is the Disc of the Week over at Quick Before It Melts ! : People Doesn’t Care / 1955

“…Pop this well-perfected, this finely tuned can only come from study and practice…”


new Blackpaw Society album “People Doesn’t Care / 1955”

here’s the new blackpaw society album:


Rokline Magazine indie spotlight

hey we’re part of rokline magazine’s indie spotlight series and they say nice words:

Listening to Lessons in Leisure vol. 2 from Toronto solo artist Blackpaw Society is nothing short of mindblowing…
…There’s nothing even remotely like this on commercial radio…
…This is the kind of artistic endeavor people need to hear a lot more of

Lessons in Leisure…is the Disc of the Week at QBiM

Lessons in Leisure vol. 2 is the Disc of the Week at Quick Before it Melts: